the center of reincarnation & evolution

the center of reincarnation & evolution

the center of reincarnation & evolution

is dedicated to the exploration of reincarnation and its role in the evolution ​of humanity. We are a bridge between the scientific research done by Dr. ​Ian Stevenson and others and the evidence gathered through regression ​therapy, life between life, near death experience, and more.

  • To enhance the understanding of reincarnation as an organizing ​principle of the Earth experience.
  • To live in harmony with the Universe as co-creators.
  • To embrace life on Earth with love, joy, compassion, peace, and ​creativity.


is pleased to be a sponsor of the

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Plans for the 2024 Reincarnation Symposium are underway.

October 25-27th.

Richmond, VA

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core books

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A Christmas Carol

A Dog’s Purpose

A Good Place

Answering Your Questions about Reincarnation with Gil Shir–Kabbalah Explained SimplyYouTube

Chances Are

Cloud Atlas


Defending Your Life

Exploring the secret doctrine of the HP Blavatsky (video) with Pablo Sender – The Philosophical Research Society – YouTube

Greek religious mysteries – Arith Härger – YouTube

Groundhog Day

Heaven Can Wait

a Ch


Homo naledi and the Rising Star Cave, Great Valley Museum – YouTube

Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Little Buddha

It’s a Wonderful Life

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On a Clear Day

Slaughterhouse Five


Somewhere in Time

The Reincarnation of Peter Proud

What Dreams May Come


Raymond Moody on Reincarnation – Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat Bahamas – YouTube ​

[Source for Videos-The Cosmology of Reincarnation and Rebirth: A brief history of reincarnation and rebirth ​and the evolution of past life regression therapy, Carole Louie, 2024 & Unstuck in Time: Memoir of a Time ​Traveler, Carole Louie, 2016]



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